Resilient [пружний]

100% of proceeds will help the Ukranian people.

A flag is a symbol of the aspirations of a people, a nation, their hopes, dreams and resolve to maintain self-determination. The Ukrainian people are under brutal assault, existentially challenging these aspirations. Their resolve demonstrates to the world the very best of humanity, while being confronted by the very worst. Our very small contribution, as a collective, offers a model of resiliency, as a flag, a land mass, a symbol of hope, absorbing incursion, transformed into gentle blowing flower petals. The flag pulses, shifts and boils with the penetrating strikes, but it never tears, folds or falls. It remains resilient, as do the brave Ukrainian people.

About Baconbits Collective

Baconbits Collective (‘BbC’) was established in 2021 by post-computational artists Ira Greenberg and David Gail Smith. The collective has a Web3 focus, with an emphasis on green, procedurally generative NFT’s.

BbC integrates principles from creative coding, software engineering, design and creative practice. We cherish rigor and less obvious solutions, including championing the code behind the art.

We strive to create, promote, and celebrate impactful, memorable, and finely crafted projects.

Artist application coming soon.